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Old-fashioned cakes like your Mama used to make!
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About Icing on the Cake
In the 1940's, Ella Davis delighted her family and friends with her famous Jewish Apple Cake on every special occasion. Her original recipe as well as recipes for other mouth-watering treats ranging from sticky buns to holiday cookies, have been passed down for three generations. We started Icing on the Cake to share our family's tradition with you.

Icing on the Cake originated in Philadelphia, PA in 2006 and now resides in Creedmoor NC. We treat every customer like family. Other bakeries may offer similar products, but our desserts come with a personal touch.

We pride ourselves on providing baked goods for diabetics, vegans and those with food allergies. We also use only unbleached flour and the finest ingredients. Nuts are included in our baked goods ONLY upon your request. 

Baked desserts by Icing on the Cake are perfect for the special occasion in your life. Your family and friends will be delighted to receive old fashioned cakes and desserts like your Mama used to make!